Album​:​'Riding On My Love'

by Derek Moment


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~ Derek

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“Haunting, hypnotizing, melodic and ... DEEP! ... I'm simultaneously moved to tears and enraged by anger... Overjoyed and elated yet oddly sad. Deeply disturbed yet satisfied and gratified .... Or perhaps it's the Xanax. Not quite sure..."
Editor, Incendiary Combustible Drummers Quarterly
From Spring 2014 Edition

"... Singer-Songwriter Derek Moment is substantive while not afraid of bland superficiality. My heart was moved; my insides were stirred; I was deeply moved. Never will I be the same, nor will be my pacemaker or bathroom plumbing. Bravo, Hip-Hip Hooray, and....Neato! Five Stars. An Absolute Classic. In summary, really Quite Pleasant!”
~~~~~~~PROFESSOR VLAD IMPALERONI, Dr. Impaleroni is a Visiting Professor of Music History at UC Berkeley and holds the Stoker-Harker Chair of Brit-American Music History at University of Bucharest in Romania and is Editor of the quarterly journal "Compendium of Research in Applied Musicological Musicianship Interface Technology of Transylvania. He is also Publisher of Mother Folker Magazine.
From the Fall 2015 Edition of CRAMMITT Quarterly.

"Hello; my name is Marty DiBergi. I'm a filmmaker. I make a lot of commercials. That little dog that chases the covered wagon underneath the sink? That was mine. A few years ago, I heard a British-American band that for me redefined the words 'symphonic psychedelic folk rock.' I remember being knocked out by their... their melody ... their layered vocal harmonies ... their blending of acoustic, classic rock and orchestral instruments ... their exuberance and raw power ... and their punctuality. That band was Derek Moment and Moment7. But hey, enough of my yakkin'; whaddaya say? Let's boogie!"
~~~~~~~MARTY DiBERGI, rock documentary filmmaker.
From a March 15, 2015 YouTube video.

"You know, in this crazy music business, it's not easy avoiding random spontaneous drummer combustions and bizarre gardening accidents. Yet Derek Moment and Moment7 have always managed to walk that fine line between clever ... and stupid. For example, they took our blending of Mozart and Bach, fashioning it into their own unique 'Mach' style. And we love their never-to-be-released cover of our haunting and humourous love ballad 'Lick My Love Pump.' We are honoured to hear Derek say that his songwriting was inspired by our 'Smell The Glove' album and our legendary puppet show/county fair version of 'Jazz Odyssey.' Indeed, we recognise the flavours and colours of our influence at the centre of many of Derek's compositions. To conclude, we are pleased as punch to say to Derek Moment and Moment7: "Well done !!... Pip Pip!! ... and Huzzah!!"
~~~~~~~NIGEL TUFNEL, DAVID ST. HUBBINS, AND DEREK SMALLS of The Originals, The New Originals, Thamesmen and Spinal Tap. London, England, United Kingdom June 7, 2015

“DEREK MOMENT AND MOMENT7 are considered by many music critics, most of whom are either band relatives, employees, vendors, or tone deaf... as potentially being one of the most melodic, prolific, and haunting artists to emerge from the 'post - Beatles / Beach Boys / British Invasion / Buffalo Springfield / Moody Blues / ELO / CSNY / Slim Whitman / Tiny Tim' era."
Former Chair of Dept. of Musicology, King's College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England. Currently Acting Chair of Dept. of Revisionist Rock Music History, University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Farquardt is Editor of two related publications, the "Berkeley Applied Research Facilitating International Technology" and the "University Professors' Compendium of High Utility Critical Knowledge. Dr. Farquardt is a direct descendant of Freddy Farquardt, the industrialist who dominated the international musical instrument, cat litter, toilet paper, monocle, sanitary wipes, and railroad industries in the mid to late 1800's; his initial fortune was made supplying reveille bugles to the both the Union Army and Confederacy during the American Civil War.
Published in Spring 2014 Edition of UPCHUCK Quarterly.

"Let's look back: It has been 50 years since the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan in 1964 as the real Rock revolution began.... It progressed roughly for another 20 years until 1983 or so. And today it feels that, despite the wonderful Internet enabling many artists to be heard independently, freeing themselves from record label dominance and enabling them to connect more directly with fans....still it feels like we've regressed to a musical Dark Ages in our mass culture. It is rather ironic - we are in a golden age of TV shows and TV comedy offerings, yet the music landscape is a wasteland of Rap, Hip Hop, Tween Pop, Dance Disco, and faux "Alt Rock.' Very odd. Still there are melodic alternatives out there ... Derek Moment could be one of them. Or maybe not ... how the hell should I know?"
~~~~~~~PROFESSOR VLAD IMPALERONI, excerpted from his TED keynote address at the World Economic Forum Arts Symposium, Davos, Switzerland. Dr. Impaleroni is a Visiting Professor of Music History at UC Berkeley and holds the Stoker-Harker Chair of Brit-American Music History at University of Bucharest in Romania and is Editor of the quarterly journal "Compendium of Research in Applied Musicological Musicianship Interface Technology of Transylvania."
From January 2014 TED Arts Symposium Keynote
Published in Spring 2014 edition of CRAMMITT Quarterly.

“DEREK MOMENT AND MOMENT7 set a new standard for the 'British-American Neo-Psychedelic Orchestral Folk-Art-Rock' genre ... highly original yet strongly incorporating the best elements of rock’s rich past ..."
~~~~~~~YAWN WEINER, Publisher & Managing Editor, Trolling Gnome Magazine
From February 2014 Edition of Trolling Gnome

** Rumour? Legend? Sick Joke? Inspirational Love Story? **

“Here is how the story goes: All seven band members - three and a half Yanks and three and a half Brits, joined forces during a lavish party on board the very final Anglo-French Concorde SST flight from New York to London on October 24, 2003. Right during mid-flight they became fast friends and spontaneously put together a 45-minute set of some of Derek's original songs and then performed them acoustically before a Concorde SST jet full of luminaries and celebrities. The on-plane audience included Paul McCartney, Justin Hayward, Richard Branson, Tom Hanks, Jerry Weintraub, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Rob Reiner, Bill Maher, Jimmy Kimmel, his wife Adam Carolla, and Arianna Huffington. The band of seven musicians came to be called Derek Moment & Moment7, magically coalescing at ‘Mach 2' (1350 miles per hour) while screaming over the Atlantic. By the time they landed at Heathrow, news had spread to the major news and entertainment media; thousands had already descended at Heathrow to see the final Concorde landing. A bidding war among all the major record labels soon erupted that got massive press coverage. Within weeks, Derek Moment and Moment7 had put together a "360" multi-album / tour + merchandise endorsement deal with an entity they co-created. The newly-formed 'Branson-Weintraub-Howard-Grazer-Reiner-Hayward-McCartney-Hanks-Carolla-Kimmel & Moment' USA-UK media conglomerate was named 'Moment7 Music'."

"This is how the band was formed and the rest is history. Any other version of this story is simply unadulterated rumour, hokum, nonsense, twaddle, crock, lie, bull, tale, urban legend, distortion, claptrap, tripe, gibberish, drivel, bunk, garbage, baloney, hooey, hogwash, fiction, slander, whopper, subterfuge, poppycock, fraudulence, myth, deception, malarky, flim-flam, libel, untruth, fabrication, misinformation, deceit, falsity, disinformation, tall tale, innuendo, misrepresentation, bullshit, bullcrap, hocus pocus, invention, falsehood, prevarication, fable, perjury, mendacity, spuriousness, hype, mega-hype, and balderdash!”
~~~~~~~PROFESSOR MICK TRAVIS, PhD, Chair of Department of Rock Music Historical Revisionism at King's College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England. Dr. Travis previously was on the faculty of University College, University of Oxford, Oxford, England. Professor Travis currently serves also as Research Director at the Millar Clinic for the Study of Melodic Musicological Musicology, London, England. He is also Associate Editor and frequent contributor to the academic research journal "Berkeley Applied Research Facilitating International Technology."

"I personally can confirm the above story. Yep ... definitely ... for sure."
~~~~~~~DR. RONALDO SNARDLEY, Rock HIstorian, Editor in Chief, “Mother Folker Magazine” and frequent panelist on the PBS Series "Writing About Music is Like Dancing About Architecture." Dr. Snardley is Director of Research and a frequent contributor to the scholarly journal "University Professors' Compendium of High Utility Critical Knowledge."

"Yes, it is twue what they say about Derek Moment and Moment7. It's twue ... it's twue ... it's twue ...
~~~~~~~LILI VON SHTUPP, PhD, Professor, Berlin Institute Germany and Teutonic Institute of Technology, Stuttgart. Dr. Von Shtupp also serves as Director of the Gov. William J. Le Petomane / Hedley Lamarr Archives at the Taggart School of Music, Rock Ridge University, Johnson City, Texas.

"Je adore la musique de Derek Moment. Il est très mélodique ... avec de superbes harmonies vocales ... Je me souviens d'un grand rocher du passé. Ceci est la musique qui est libre de la rap et hip hop poubelle américaine. Ces jours-ci, les Américains semblent pour bourrer leur visage gras avec beaucoup de musique de la malbouffe. Pourquoi font-ils écoutent McMusic Big Mac avec du fromage & Freedom Fries et boire leur diabétique 'Big Gulp "Cokes? Je ne comprends pas. Alors s'il vous plaît ...les Américains ... se réveiller et sentir le café ... et le brie! "
~~~~~~~ Karen LeCleavage, Critique Musical, LeMonde de Paris 04/07/2015
(TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH: "I love the music of Derek Moment. It's very melodic ... with stunning vocal harmonies ... I'm reminded of great rock of the past. This is music that is free from USA hip hop trash. These days, Americans seem to stuff their fat faces with much junk food music. Why do they listen to McMusic Big Macs with cheese & Freedom Fries and then drink their diabetic 'Big Gulp' Cokes? I don't understand. So please ... Americans ... wake up and smell the coffee ... and brie!")
~~~~~~~Karen LeCleavage, Music Critic, LeMonde of Paris 7/4/2015


PHIL HENDRIE: Hi, it's Phil. All the characters that you hear on our show today will be performed by me, with the exception of some editing that you hear at the end of the show. We don't use any tricks, no overdubbing, no multitracking ... none of that stuff, OK? Our entire show is recorded in real time, that is, as it is happening. So sit back, relax, and enjoy "The World Famous Phil Hendrie Show."

(Music of metal band SLAYER starts in background ... at a louder and louder volume.)

MARGARET GREY (trying to talk over increasingly loud SLAYER music): And this is the World Famous Phil Hendrie Show... I'm Margaret Grey ...

(Head-banging metal music of SLAYER is now even louder in background)

MARGARET GREY (angrily and exasperated): Could you turn this ... this caterwauling and screeching disgusting demonic brain damaged garbage ...


MARGARET GREY (reversing herself, with a phony smile): Oh...hmm ...oh, I love this music... what's it called?

PHIL HENDRIE: It's SLAYER. Do you like it?

MARGARET GREY: OH...yes yes, it's wonderful! I love them! (singing) Doo, doo doo doo... (sighing) hmm yes very lovely ...

PHIL HENDRIE: Glad you like it... well, before we start the show, Margaret, will you take over here briefly? I have to leave the studio for a moment.

BUD DICKMAN (chortling and giggling): Ha ha.... Mr. Hendrie's gotta go to the "Lttle Boys Room.' haha He can't hold it no more ! hahaha

PHIL HENDRIE: Grow up, Bud. And Margaret, I'll be right back.

MARGARET GREY: Certainly, Phil... we'll carry on until you return.

MARGARET GREY: Well now that we briefly have the show to ourselves, I need to say something. We, the characters of 'The World Famous Phil Hendrie' Show," want to give our thorough praise and complete unabashed endorsement of the wonderful music of Derek Moment and Moment7. I'm Margaret Grey."

BUD DICKMAN (clapping): Yay!

MARGARET GREY: Additionally... speaking on behalf of the entire "Phil Hendrie Show" cast ... we all have frankly grown weary of the trashy music that Phil insists on using in the show ... you know, the Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Speed Metal, and especially the Rap, and the Hip Hop garbage that you hear as "bumper music" played at the beginning and end of commercial breaks. Obviously, Phil Hendrie is a brilliant and gifted performing genius ... but why he insists on playing that vile 'music' is beyond me. I will admit that the Rap and Metal can be rather stimulating to some listeners who are on a lower level of mental awareness and consciousness if you will... and perhaps Phil wants to infuse the show with a certain energy and shock value ... but seriously this music is deeply, deeply disturbing to anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together. It hurts my ears, gives me a migraine, and really triggers my acid reflux."

BUD DICKMAN (trying to be helpful): "Miss Grey, can I get you a P...P... Prozac I mean P...P.. Paxil for your A...A... Acid Re...Re...f..f... f... flux?"

MARGARET GREY: "That is Prilosec, Bud. Not Prozac or Paxil. And yes, please, I will take one Prilosec. Thank you.

MARGARET GREY (gulping the Prilosec and refocusing): To continue.... frankly, nobody here is quite sure whether Phil Hendrie really likes this "Rap Metal Hip Hop" 'music' or whatever you call that trash ... or if he just plays it as an ironic joke. We suspect the latter, but that is the magic of The Phil Hendrie Show: Phil likes to keep people guessing. Those of us in the cast of The Phil Hendrie Show of course don't want to anger Phil or disrupt his creative flow, so we just simply "put up with it' and at times we even pretend to like it.

BUD DICKMAN: Yeah... we pre...pre... like we li... li.. like it... we-we p-p-pretend.. yeah...

MARGARET GREY: Bud please.... let me finish. Now, on a positive note, we do know for a fact that Phil does greatly enjoy Derek Moment's music privately when not on the air. And though Phil has not yet played Derek's music publicly on this show, we certainly would welcome it. But then again, perhaps Derek Moment's melodic music does not provide the sufficient shock value and angry energy of Metal and Rap music that Phil wants for the show... I don't know... Anyway, I have noticed that Phil, during quiet, private times, will often play Derek Moment songs when alone and not on the air."

BUD DICKMAN (mockingly chortling): "Ha ha ha ... you mean that Mr. Hendrie's alone playing with his privates that don't have no hair? Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha!"

MARGARET GREY (frustrated and exasperated) : "Oh ... my ... god. Bud Dickman... you... you useless yammering nincompoop waste of space ... this is my final warning... if you EVER interrupt me again with one of your foul, crude sexual references, I am going to slam your head so hard into the wall that you'll need two more metal plates in your skull just to support that empty volume of air between your ears."

BUD DICKMAN (apologetically): "Sorry Miss Grey..."

MARGARET GREY: "All right, then. To summarize: we thoroughly endorse Derek Moment's music and find it to be, if you will, a rather refreshing 'musical palate cleanser' in comparison to the vile, noxious music that Phil Hendrie plays on his otherwise wonderfully brilliant show."

MARGARET GREY: "There ... I said it. I'm Margaret Grey."

BUD DICKMAN (clapping): "Yay!"

"(Or "Pretend Signed - sort of like 'Pretend Hanging Up'),"

Margaret Grey, General Gaylen Shaw, Bud Dickman, Harvey Weirman, Robert Leonard, Lloyd Bonafide (Mouth Siren Cop), Bob Bakian ("Nine Pounds Of Swinging Meat"), Sky Boy, Sky Baby, Boyd Sweetan, Bobbie Dooley, Steve Dooley, Brass Villanueva, Pastor David Castornini, David G. Hall, Western Estates Homeowners Association, Frank Grey, Steve Bosell, Ted Bell, Ted's Of Beverly Hills, Ted's Hot Dog, Vernon Dozier, Doug Dannger, Jay Santos. Citizens Auxiliary Police, Bob Green, Herb Sewell, Dr. Jim Sadler, Mavis Leonard, Justin McElroy, Austin Amarka, Chris Norton, Pastor William Rennick, Rick Bonefeel, Dr. Jim Sadler, Chris Putay, Dr. Ron Tarner of the Mount Meadow Observatory in Cloverdale, Colorado, Dave Oliva, Hong Kong Charlie, Don Parsley, Kevin Coneal and the Real Estate Foreclosure Hour, Attorney Delores Blasingame, Deane Wheeler, Emerelda Wheeler, Wes Hurlford, Elcott Arc Of The Novitiate, Professor Emory Clayton, Karen Deauville, Leon Dunphy, Dr. Ed Elcott, Overlord K, The Elcott Redeemery, Elcott - The Next Step, The Overlords, Karen Blatherman, Bozo's Pep Pills, Barney's Roses, Meatball's Clown Supplies, Audrey Bailey, Jack Eigagder, Bret Moreson, Earl Cooch, Touch Gerber, Edna Gerber, Marty Lufthansa, General Johnson Jameson, Don Burman, Don Micksa, Rudy Canoza, Larry Grover, Gloria Grover, Kenny Slag, Brad Rifkin, Art Griego, Father James McQuarters, Clara Bingham, R.C. Collins, Chef Carl Chodillia, Jeff Dowder, Raj Fahneen
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- Derek Moment - lead vocals, guitars, keyboards
- Nigel Sainte-Clements - bass, keyboards, saxophone, woodwinds, vocals
- Justin Connor McDermott - keyboards, guitars, saxophone, woodwinds, vocals
- Ian Miller-Zane - drums, percussion, vocals
- Trevor McGeorge - guitars, keyboards, vocals
- Brandonton Smalle - strings, guitars, string bass, percussion, vocals
- Tony LePegge - strings, guitars, keyboards, vocals


The Moody Blues, Justin Hayward, The Beatles, Paul McCartney, The Beach Boys, Electric Light Orchestra, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, ELO, CSNY, Byrds, Jefferson Airplane, (Early) Bee Gees, (Early) America, Dan Fogelberg, The Association, Traffic, Jackson Browne, The Yardbirds, Buffalo Springfield, The Walker Brothers, Roy Orbison, John Lennon, George Harrison, Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, Roger McGuinn, Jellyfish, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Foreigner, Journey, Kenny Loggins, Jim Messina, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, Warren Zevon, Moby Grape, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Loggins & Messina, Boston, Simon & Garfunkel, Paul Simon, Peter Paul & Mary, The Zombies, The Animals, Chuck Berry, Eric Burdon and The Animals, Brian Wilson, Buckingham-Nicks, Jeff Lynne, YES, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Johann Pachelbel, Fleetwood Mac, The Ventures, The Beau Brummels, The Temptations, The Kinks, The Vogues, The Youngbloods, Elton John, The Doobie Brothers, Poco (Rusty Young, Paul Cotton, Richie Furay, Timothy B. Schmidt), Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench, Stan Lynch, Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, Pink Floyd, Carole King, The Hollies, Grace Slick, The Four Tops, The Righteous Brothers, Huey Lewis & The News, Clannad, The Knack, The Guess Who, Burton Cummings, (early) Pure Prairie League, Coldplay, Moment7, Crowded House, Traveling Wilburys, Mourning Reign, Chocolate Watch Band, Nobody's Children, Magic Mushroom, Traffic, Steve Winwood, David Bowie, Roger Manning, Steely Dan, Bob Weir, Alan Price (O Lucky Man), (early) Heart (Dreamboat Annie era), Alice In Chains, Spandau Ballet, Cat Stevens, Chicago, Don Henley, Steve Miller, Marty Balin, Grateful Dead. Boz Scaggs, Seals & Crofts, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, John Lodge, Graeme Edge, Genesis, Mike Pinder, Ray Thomas, Tremeloes, Long John Baldry, Spencer Davis Group, Souther Hillman Furay, Joe Walsh, Bernie Leadon-Michael Georgiades, Marc Cohn, Randy Meisner, Don Felder, Raspberries, Young Rascals, Glenn Frey, Brothers Four, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Mark Lindsay, Taxxi, a-ha (aha), Jethro Tull, Greg Kihn, Ides Of March, Hotlegs, Honeymoon Suite, Cream, Jack Bruce, Loverboy, King Crimson, Country Joe & The Fish, Big Brother & The Holding Company with Janis Joplin, Eric Clapton, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Derek Moment, Moment7 Music, Asia, Drifters, Jackie DeShannon, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Isley Brothers, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Eric Johnson, Chambers Brothers, Jackson Five, Alan Parsons, Badfinger, Ray Charles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marty Robbins, Marvin Gaye, Rembrandts, Rush (Power Windows), Sly & The Family Stone, Michael Hedges, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Will Ackerman, Derek Moment, Big Star, Blind Faith, Blood Sweat & Tears, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Brent Bourgeois, Bourgeois/Tagg, Grand Funk Railroad (Closer To Home), The Wonders (The Oneders), Bonnie Hayes, Styx, Supertramp, Derek Moment Music, Moment7 Music, Gene Pitney, Left Banke, Buddy Holly, Queen, (early) Rod Stewart, Cars, Nils Lofgren, Burt Bacharach & Hal David, Carpenters, Peter & Gordon, Joan Baez, Chad & Jeremy, Rick Wakeman, Renaissance, Four Freshmen, Chris Isaak, Cock Robin, David Ault, Music Machine, Eva Cassidy, Peter Frampton, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Spinal Tap, The Rutles, Tenacious D, Adele, Deep Purple, Allman Brothers, Paul Rodgers & Free, The Tubes, The Doors, Pablo Cruise, The E-Types, Earth Quake, Elvis Presley, King Crimson, Wilson Pickett, Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, Gene Clark, The Copas Brothers (of New Orleans), Butch Whacks & The Glass Packs, Pretenders, Guns & Roses, Michael Penn, David LaFlamme, It's A Beautiful Day, Donald Fagan, Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Ray Davies, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Ray Manzarek, Jim Morrison, Bread w David Gates, Alice In Chains, H.P.Lovecraft, Jars Of Clay, Neil Diamond, Donovan, Them (w/ Van Morrison), Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Terry Kath, Ned Doheny, Jorma Kaukonen, Hot Tuna, Neil Finn, Sam Cooke, Sam & Dave, Linda Ronstadt, Lionel Ritchie, Love w/ Arthur Lee, The Mamas & Papas, Dick Bright and HIs Sounds Of Delight featuring Little Roger & The Goosebumps, Manfred Mann, The Rolling Stones, The Smithereens, Small Faces, The Police, Manassas, Steve Stills, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Neil Young, The Four Lads, Van Halen (David Lee Roth era), The Searchers, The Eurythmics, Bruce Cockburn, Original Hair Soundtrack (James Rado and Galt McDermott), Blue Jays (Justin Hayward and John Lodge), Rod Argent.

a-ha (aha), Adele,Alan Parsons, Alan Price (O Lucky Man), Alice In Chains, Allman Brothers, America (early), Animals, Asia, Association, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Bad Company, Badfinger, Barry Gibb, Beach Boys, Beatles, Beau Brummels, Bee Gees (early), Benmont Tench, Bernie Leadon-Michael Georgiades, Big Brother & The Holding Company with Janis Joplin, Big Star, Blind Faith, Blood Sweat & Tears, Blue Jays (Justin Hayward and John Lodge), Bob Dylan, Bob Weir, Bonnie Hayes, Bonnie Raitt, Boston ,Bourgeois-Tagg, Bread w David Gates, Brent Bourgeois, Brian Wilson, Bruce Cockburn, Bruce Springsteen, Buckingham-Nicks, Buddy Holly, Buffalo Springfield, Burt Bacharach-Hal David, Burton Cummings, Butch Whacks & The Glass Packs, Byrds, CSNY, Carole King, Carpenters, Cars, Cat Stevens, Chad & Jeremy, Chambers Brothers, Chicago, Chocolate Watch Band, Chris Isaak, Chuck Berry, Clannad, Claude Debussy, Cock Robin, Coldplay, Copas Brothers, Country Joe & The Fish , Cream, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Crowded House, Dan Fogelberg, David Ault,David Bowie, David Crosby, David LaFlamme, Deep Purple, Derek Moment, Dick Bright and HIs Sounds Of Delight (featuring Little Roger & The Goosebumps), Don Felder, Don Henley, Donald Fagan, Donovan, Doobie Brothers, Doors, Drifters, E-Types, ELO, Eagles, Earth Quake, Electric Light Orchestra, Elton John, lvis Presley, Emerson Lake & Palmer,Eric Burdon and The Animals,Eric Clapton,Eric Johnson, Eurythmics,Eva Cassidy, Fleetwood Mac, Flying Burrito Brothers, Foreigner, Four Freshmen, Four Lads, Four Tops, Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, Gene Clark, Gene Pitney, Genesis, George Harrison, Glenn Frey, Gordon Lightfoot, Grace Slick, Graeme Edge, Graham Nash, Grand Funk Railroad (Closer To Home), Grateful Dead, Boz Scaggs, Greg Kihn, Guess Who, Guns & Roses, H.P.Lovecraft, Hair Soundtrack (James Rado and Galt McDermott), Heart (early), Hollies, Honeymoon Suite, Hot Tuna, Hotlegs, Huey Lewis & The News, Ides Of March, Isley Brothers, It's A Beautiful Day, Jack Bruce, Jackie DeShannon, Jackson Browne, Jackson Five, James Taylor, Jars Of Clay, Jeff Lynne, Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds, Jefferson Airplane, Jellyfish, Jethro Tull, Jim Messina, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Joan Baez, Joe Walsh, Johann Pachelbel, John Lennon, John Lodge, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Joni Mitchell, Jorma Kaukonen, Journey, Justin Hayward, Kenny Loggins, King Crimson, Kinks, Knack, Led Zeppelin, Left Banke, Linda Ronstadt, Lionel Ritchie, Loggins & Messina, Long John Baldry, Love w/ Arthur Lee, Loverboy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Mamas & Papas, Manassas, Manfred Mann, Marc Cohn, Mark Lindsay, Marty Balin, Marty Robbins, Marvin Gaye, Maurice Gibb, Maurice Ravel, Michael Hedges, Michael Penn, Mike Campbell, Mike Pinder, Moby Grape, Moment7, Moody Blues, Music Machine, Ned Doheny, Neil Diamond, Neil Finn, Neil Young, Nils Lofgren, Pablo Cruise, Paul Cotton, Paul McCartney, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Paul Rodgers & Free, Paul Simon, Peter & Gordon, Peter Frampton, Peter Gabriel, Peter Paul & Mary, Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, Poco, Police, Pretenders, Pure Prairie League (early),Queen, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Randy Meisner, Raspberries, Ray Charles, Ray Davies, Ray Manzarek, Ray Thomas, Rembrandts, Renaissance, Richie Furay, Rick Wakeman, Righteous Brothers, Robert Plant, Robin Gibb, Rod Argent, Rod Stewart (early), Roger Manning, Roger McGuinn, Rolling Stones, Roy Orbison, Rush (Power Windows), Rusty Young, Rutles, Sam & Dave, Sam Cooke, Seals & Crofts, Searchers, Simon & Garfunkel, Sly & The Family Stone, Small Faces, Smithereens, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Souther Hillman Furay, Spandau Ballet, Spencer Davis Group, Spinal Tap, Stan Lynch, Steely Dan, Steve Miller, Steve Stills, Steve Winwood, Stevie Wonder, Styx, Supertramp, Taxxi, Temptations, Tenacious D, Terry Kath, Them (w/ Van Morrison), Timothy B. Schmidt), Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Traffic, Traveling Wilburys, Tremeloes, Tubes, Van Halen (David Lee Roth era), Ventures, Vogues, Walker Brothers, Warren Zevon, Will Ackerman, Wilson Pickett, Wonders (The Oneders), YES, Yardbirds, Young Rascals, Youngbloods, Zombies.



by *Elmer The Poet Laureate

'Listen close and double your dose
Drink some more and open the Door
To Perception

Jimmy Mo, The Do ...
Was potent
But hearing the music
Of Derek Moment
Of sound waves ...
My mind begins ...
To foment

Of Musical Revolution
Could this be the Solution?
(Well, at least it ain't devolution)

So don't get hysteric about Derek!
Just open the Door
Like Ray Manzarek ...'

~~~~~~~ELMER THE POET LAUREATE of the greater Mecca / Indio / Thermal, California SMSA. Elmer was recently confirmed for this position by the Director of Poetry Operations at the United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Western Region.

*As channeled by DR. RONALDO SNARDLEY, Editor in Chief, “MOTHER FOLKER MAGAZINE” and Host of the PBS Series "Writing About Music is Like Dancing About Architecture."



~~~~~~~ (Curated by Prof. Ronaldo Snardley, PhD.)

"Won't someone with a major voice in the national media or elsewhere speak out ... somebody who isn't intimidated by the politically correct culturally diverse sensitive leftist media elite and the political correctness forced down people's throats on college campuses ... won't somebody please grow a pair and shout out the truth ... that the major media companies and record labels are subjecting America and the world to rap and hip hop and other types of non-music that is pure garbage ... wake up you PC American sheeple .... the Emperor has no clothes!"

"Of course, maybe this is Big Media's last gasp swan song attempt at cultural relevance as the people gravitate to other sources and distribution channels. I hope this is the case. But Big Media won't go down without a fight - and they have a lot of money to fight with to get your attention forcibly! So here comes more rap and hip hop... bend over and take it! And what I fear the most is that it is not just Big Media alone anymore ... but that at this point the sheeple have been conditioned, through mass repetition over the years, to actually like this garbage. The sheeple are at the point that they don't know the difference. And that is scary!"

"What should we do then? Try to assimilate? Become pretend hip hop fans? Merge with the rap borg? Smile while we take it up the ear? Hopefully the creation of quality melodic rock and pop music will delay the cramming of dumbed down hip hop dipshit culture down our collective throats ... staving off the decline of western civilization. But who am I kidding. Game over. We are all screwed. Rap has already won. It will take years and years for this garbage to disappear from our culture if it ever disappears. Luckily we have many channels of distribution these days to find good music if we seek it out ... but when you turn on mass TV or mass movies or mass media commercials in the mass market, expect to continue to bend over while big media companies pander to the Idiocracy and try to ram it up your ear."
~~~~~~~GREG FITZSIMMONS, comedian, podcaster, host of Greg Fitzsimmons show / Fitzdog podcast, and Sirius show on Howard Stern network.
From a September 2014 podcast

"Here's one thing: I guarantee that any kind of melodic classic rock style music these days ... will never get noticed by the the Cheetos-eating basement-dwelling critics from rags like Rolling Stone Magazine who worship at the Temple of Hip Hop and the New York Altar of Lou Reed, Patti Smith, The Ramones, Television, Iggy Pop, Sonic Youth, The New York Dolls, - you know, the twisted melodically challenged acts who have just the right angry alienated New York 'attitude' to please many New York critics from the Rolling Stone Magazine hipster school who get off on cigarettes, tattoos, piercings, punk, and anything deemed 'alternative.'"
~~~~~~~DANA GOULD, stand-up comedian, actor, writer, podcaster ("The Dana Gould Hour") former long-running writer for The Simpsons. His 2013 comedy special "I Know It's Wrong" was recently broadcast on Showtime.
From a April 2015 podcast

"Oh yeah, speaking of junk loved by Rolling Stone critics ... let's talk about rap and hip hop ... I don't get it ... and I wonder if rap "fans" themselves even get it or are they just robots worshiping the latest fad ... I've grown so tired of the rap chicks dressed like hookers ... and the wanna be gangsters bragging about their cars and bling and ho's ... and witness the ho's themselves in the videos... "I know you want it boy" and "I want you to give it to me" blah blah blah... give me a break. And have you seen the size of the asses on these ho's who seem to be so revered by the sheeple... such as Nikki and Kim, etc?? Since when has it become attractive and fashionable to have two HUGE cellulite ridden butt cheeks the size of beach balls filled with quivering jello? This is beauty? This is some sort of feminine ideal? I say it is more like proof that these women have given up! Talk about trying to culturally turn lemons into lemonade!"

"Meanwhile, all this "music" if you want to call it that is created by some cynical "producer" with a laptop and a Casio, a drum machine and a rhyming dictionary. Feeding the sheeple. Dumbing down the culture. And Rap "lyrics" themselves.... what a joke. My 8 year old twins could write better lyrics ... And now ... rap "artists" are being inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame ? WTF? Am I the only one who thinks this is insane? This alone is proof of the complete dumbing down of our Idiocracy culture. Besides that I have no opinion on the matter!"
~~~~~~~ADAM CAROLLA, podcaster, comedian, cultural critic, author of four New York Times best selling books, and co-creator of the world's most downloaded podcast, The Adam Carolla Show; Carolla's TV and movie projects include Catch A Contractor, Loveline, The Man Show, Crank Yankers, The Hammer, Road Hard, and the 2015 documentary "Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman."
From a February 2015 interview

"Speaking of the Rock Hall of Fame.... so many deserving bands have NOT been voted in. Just look at the list: The Moody Blues, YES, Chicago, Journey, Electric Light Orchestra, The Doobie Brothers, Foreigner, Bad Company, Boston, Steve Miller, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, The Cars, The Zombies, Joe Walsh, Supertramp, Guess Who, Carole King (as performer), Badfinger, Moby Grape, Loggins & Messina, Kenny Loggins, Warren Zevon, Love (w Arthur Lee), Emerson Lake and Palmer, Walker Brothers, Gordon Lightfoot, Crowded House, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Huey Lewis & The News, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Bread with David Gates, Dan Fogelberg, The Carpenters, Big Star, Peter Paul and Mary, Joan Baez, The Monkees, The Youngbloods, Clannad, Poco, The Tubes, The Knack."

"Sure, there will always be arguments concerning which of the above artists deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. But ALL of them are MUCH MORE DESERVING THAN ANY OF THOSE LISTED BELOW! Now look at those who HAVE been inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame:"

"Sex Pistols, Lou Reed, The Ramones, Grandmaster Flash, Parliament-Funkadelic, Metallica, Joan Jett, Green Day, Madonna, Kiss, Public Enemy, Velvet Underground, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Alice Cooper, Stooges, Black Sabbath."

"LOOK AT THIS LIST! These people are in the Rock Hall of Fame! WTF?! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!"

"So when you look into it more closely, the entire Rock Hall Of Fame 'nomination and induction process' is run by a small secretive cabal dominated by Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone and current / former Rolling Stone writers PLUS major label music executives who advertise in Rolling Stone. The whole process is a mystery and totally opaque and reeks of corruption. You hear stories of intense lobbying being done behind closed doors by various record labels and supposed journalists and 'friends of friends' pushing their own personal preferences and their own label's artists. And then this secret cabal annually magically come out with their annual "inductees." What a total sham. More and more stories are coming out about the whole corrupt Rock Hall of Fame induction process and it is starting to anger lots of music fans."
~~~~~~~GREG FITZSIMMONS, comedian, writer, and host of 'Fitzdog Radio' podcast and 'The Greg Fitzsimmons Show' on the Sirius "Howard Stern 101" channel.
From a March 2015 podcast

"I pity the Rock Hall Of Fame visitors of the future. What exhibits will the visitor see? .. a bucket of Gene Simmon's fake blood and artificial tongues and wigs, or some AK-47's and Glocks formerly owned by Public Enemy? Hoodies worn by Run DMC? Heroin syringe collection of Sid Vicious ? Nose and penis piercing hardware worn by Johnny Rotten? Collection of Joan Jett's leather jackets and black hair dye? Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen OD technology and and/or methods used to kill each other until success was finally achieved? Patti Smith's discarded cigarette butts and broken-down wife-beater tshirts? Chronology of Billy Joe Armstrong eyeliner and mascara (Green Day exhibit sponsored by Maybelline)? Perhaps an exhibit of Madonna's cone shaped bras and other faux media bullshit that her fake career revolved around? Perhaps a list of songs Madonna had no hand in co-writing yet where she still forced her way into getting co-writing credit?"
~~~~~~~GREG FITZSIMMONS, comedian, writer, and host of 'Fitzdog Radio' podcast and 'The Greg Fitzsimmons Show' on the Sirius "Howard Stern 100" channel.
From an April 2014 podcast

"Hey tourists, visit the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland NOW before it's too late. In the near future it will be full of full of rap, hip hop, punk, tween pop, and disco memorabilia. The "Rock" section will housed in a beaten up warehouse annex down the street from the phenomenal majestic main I.M. Pei-designed building... a shuttle bus will take you there to the "annex" or "satellite" building on the other side of town across the tracks to visit the "Rock" section ... I predict in 10-15 years, the only time the Rock Hall Of Fame will be in the news is because of the periodic stabbings, shootings, and related mayhem committed by descending hordes of bussed-in thugs from scattered urban rat holes ... all attending free rap shows created by well meaning museum bureaucrats and docents in order to 'educate and entertain the public.' Yeah right. Can't wait to see what this musical future looks like. I'll watch it from afar from my bunker."
~~~~~~~ADAM CAROLLA, podcaster, comedian, cultural critic, philosopher, professional ranter, and co-creator of the world's most downloaded podcast, The Adam Carolla Show, along with Loveline, The Man Show, Crank Yankers, The Hammer, Road Hard, and the 2015 Paul Newman documentary "Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman."
From a January 2015 podcast





The Actor
Aha! Moment
Are We Not Drawn Onward To New Era
Are You Sitting Comfortably
Bad Hair Day
Be Together
Border Breakdown
Bright And Sunny Day
Buddy Boy
Certain Kind Of Fool
Clearly And Lovely, Defined
Close My Eyes
Come On People
Cries Mary
Daddy's Stories
DecadeDance: Twisting The Vintage Guitar Array
Defining Moment - A Derek Moment Music Sampler
Derek Mo
Don't Talk To Strangers
Drawn Onward To New Era
Every Moment Counts
Feel A Whole Lot Better
Fighting Chance
Fortunes & Moretunes
Fourtunes & Moretunes
Fourtunate Moment: A Four Album Sampler
Fortunate Moment: A Four Album Sampler
Freedom Of Treedom
Hammered Heart Has Turned To Stone
He Arrived
Heat Of The Moment
High Five & Alive
Hope of The Eccentric Kaleidoscope
I Am Home Again
If I Were A Carpenter
I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
I'm New
I Need A Lover
Inspired / Expired
In You
It's Over
Just A Little
Just A Little / Mo & Beau
Keep The Channel Open
King Of The World
Labe Slaver
Land Of Make-Believe
Lent Me A Hand
Let Me Go TwoNight
Let Me Go Tonight
Let Me Tell You
Live For The Sun
Magic MoMo & The Family Tree
Magic Mo's Family Tree: Putting The Fun In Dysfunctional!
Maybe Tofu
Meet Derek Moment!
Moment Of Glory (The Watchers' Vicarious Moment of Glory)
Moment Of Truth (Slogs Of The Spinning Cogs)
Moment7 Music
MoMo & The White Falcons- Tell Me A Truth
MoMo & The Falcons
MoMo's Musings
Monte Rey's Lament
Monte Vista Recess
Monterey Suite (Monterey-Monte Rey's Lament, Warrior In Withdrawal)
Monterey Pop
Mourning Reign
Movie We'll Make Of Our Lives
My First Love
Never Comes The Day
Numbers Game
Oh John
One Moment Please
Opened Mind
Open Mined
Paint By Numbers Dream
Power And Glory Of 300 Hit Songs
Power Of Music
Present Moment
Ready To Run
Rhymes Of The Times
Riding On My Love
Saturday Reign
Saturday Rain
See In 3-DMZ
Seize The Moment
Seventh Serving of Psychedelia
Sunday Is Our Time
7th Serving Of Psychedelia
Six Strings Pleasure Brings
Sleeper Has Awakened
Slogs Of The Spinning Cogs
State Of Momentary Hi-Mo-Sis
Solution Illusion
Songs Of Justin Hayward
Telephone Line
Tell Me A Truth (Come On People)
The Actor
The Land Of Make-Believe
Time Goodbye
Time Is A Liar
Trance Dance And Mental Musication
Traveling In America
Try Again
Tuesday Afternoon
Twisted Hunter
Vintage Guitar Array Dream
Warrior In Withdrawal
Watchers' Vicarious Moment of Glory
Warrior In Withdrawal
We Are One
We Are Young
We Could Do It
What To Do
What You'll Be Tonight
Who Are You Now?
You Are What You Eat
You Can Never Go Home
You've Got Your Troubles


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released November 11, 2017



Derek Moment Santa Barbara, California

DEREK MOMENT: "Symphonic Psychedelia Meets Progressive Folk Rock."

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